Often times when we have to prepare something to speak on, whether it is a speech in Toastmasters, a report in a business meeting, or some opening words at an event, we fail to let our ideas percolate.  By letting our thoughts simmer we will give them a chance to improve and refine.  I offer several ideas to that affect:

  1. When you know you have a speaking opportunity ahead of you, take five minutes or less and brainstorm ideas on paper.  We are just looking to unsurface some topics at a minimum, but if you are particularly inspired, continue on and jot content ideas as well.
  2. Return to your initial ideas after a day or two and write down some content ideas that probably have come to mind since your initial brainstorming session.  Don’t limit yourself here.  If a content idea comes to mind, just get it on paper – we will refine later.  For now we just want to let the ideas flow.  Repeat this as ideas come to you.
  3. Look over your initial ideas and let yourself gravitate to the one that is getting you most excited.  Now schedule some time to do some research on the subject and flesh out some of the content ideas you have already jotted down.

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