Six Ideas to Help Retain Toastmaster Members

1. Mentors follow up with members who are not attending. I did this recently and had a half dozen members come back simply because I refused to stop pestering them with phone calls and emails until they either said they had to leave because of other commitments or that they were coming back.2. Conduct two or three evening dinner parties a year. This has deepened relationships in our club and heightens the bond and desire to attend each week.

3. Schedule special meetings to allow more people to speak. Our club is large (40-50 members) and we schedule an ‘advanced’ meeting once-a-month and a speaking blitz every couple of months. This way more people have a chance to speak and are reaching the goals they joined the club to achieve.

4. Mentors continue to push mentees. I ask my mentees what their goals are and follow up with them on it. I created a monthly reminder on my computer to email all my mentees and challenge them.

5. Use Twitter to keep people in the loop. I manage a twitter account for our club and I have made the membership aware of the account and keep them abreast of breaking news or special activities.

6. Provide breakfast once-a-month. We charge $10 a month for club dues and this allows us to buy breakfast once-a-month for a meeting – an added incentive to show up.


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