Find Your Key

There exists a key for you to excel in public speaking.

I’ve been a Toastmaster since 2000. I preached for 15 years as a pastor.  In all those years I’ve observed that I had to and every public speaker needs to find their niche. I’m convinced that everyone has specific resource inside them to draw upon to make their public speaking all that it can be.

For instance, my friend Karla (names are changed to protect the guilty) struggled with using filler words (ahs, ums, etc.) for the longest time.  She seemed convinced that she didn’t have what it takes to be a good public speaker.  That is until she did a humorous speech.  She was very anxious about and even thought about skipping the Toastmaster meeting and not giving the speech.  (Who isn’t nervous about trying to be funny?  You tend to do well or fail miserably.)  But what she discovered is that humor was a niche for her.  She relaxed.  Her use of filler words were significantly less.  She engaged the audience and gave a funny speech.

Some of my other friends have discovered that passion, relaxation, or connecting with the audience is their way of coming alive as a public speaker.

Quite possibly there are more than one key’s to opening your public speaking box.  Take some time to explore different elements of speaking on your journey to becoming a better public speaker.  Some of those elements may be gestures, being goofy, storytelling, vocal variety, informative presentations, role playing, monologues, body movement, a dry sense of humor, visual aids, etc.

Find your key to communicating effectively!


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