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George Barna a researcher suggests that one million people a year are leaving traditional churches.  They are looking for more interaction.  They are tired of doing all the listening and being given no opportunity for input.

Public speakers (and especially preachers) pay attention.

Are we allowing for some input from our audiences?  It is interesting what a little feedback from the audience can do.  I recently returned to church work and preaching.  In my sermons I have intentionally asked questions to the audience to get some feedback, to include them in the subject and the people love it.  They are moving from spectators to participants and as a result they engage the subject far more.

David Brooks, 1990 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking, says, “Great speakers go from concern about themselves to concern about the message to concern about the audience”.  Getting input from your listeners is a vital way to show them concern.

Are you about to give a presentation?  Make sure you include the audience with some interaction.