Ever been dissapointed with the outcome of a contest?

I had a friend not place at a Toastmasters District humorous contest. Although she produced more laughs than any other contestant, she didn’t make the top three. Hmmmm. Suspicious. Don’t we like to jump to conclusions when we find ourselves in locations like this? How come the top two contestants happened to be from the same state as several of the speech judges? How come so many people thought she ‘hit the ball out of the park’ and yet the judges didn’t see that? And, the real kicker question, how come we are not allowed to see the judges ballots?

This is a mystery to me. At every Toastmasters meeting around the world, every week, for every speech, we give an oral and written evaluation for a speech. We want to hear and see the observations you as an evaluator have made. Is not a judge an evaluator? How valuable would it be for a contestant to be able to see what areas they need to work on to be as good or better than the other contestants? But, no, we want to protect the judges. But doesn’t the power of evaluation (judging) apply to our contests as well?

I’d also love to see a test speaker at every contest. We do this at my club level to warm up the judges so that have someone to compare to that isn’t even in the contest.  And we will compare…


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