Clients & Experience

Clients / Experience


– vocal variety, gestures, body movement, authenticity, storytelling, and preparing for meetings.

“Thank you again for the presentation training. Overall, it was a hit! I am especially hearing good things about the PowerPoint Karaoke. You did a great job of making the training interactive — and of nudging people out of their comfort zones. Well done!” 

Korean- American Scientists & Engineers Association

– presentation skills

“I would like to show my deep appreciation for your time and support to the YG group. Even though you had such a busy schedule, I truly thank you for your time to come to our conference, and instruct public speaking workshop for the participants. All the attendees loved your workshop! Again, thank you for your time and keep in touch!” 

Ecker Hill Middle School ehms

– storytelling, interpretive reading, power point presentations

Deloitte / HP Alliance deloitte

– presentation skills training, presentation evaluation

“On behalf of both Deloitte and HP, I want to thank you for your ‘Presentation Skills’ workshop given to us during my team meeting at the New Park Hotel. As you know, quality presentation are vital to our success at Deloitte, as well as to our colleagues at HP. Your lively, well rounded training, including a focus on preparation (strong opening, body and close), body dynamics/voice control and filler words, was well received by the audience. A vast majority of the audience rated your presentation as very useful.

Your evaluation on several of the morning’s speaker proved enlightening to the entire crowd! Pointing out the strengths and areas for improvement have motivated many of my team members to take further action to improve their presentation skills. It is truly amazing that people do not know that they are using filler words; the ahs, ums, and, so…. 20, 30 or more times during a short presentation. By simply point this out during your presentation, helped all of us understand this and we will indeed factor that into future presentation. Your overall workshop will certainly make my team more effective. Thanks again and I will look forward to working with you in the future…”

Toastmasters Leadership Institute

– poster sessions: ‘putting the pitch into your pitch’ & ‘getting excited about contests’, spontaneous speaking skills, VP of public relations workshop, VP of membership training, VP of education training

I want to thank you very much for your presentation at the TLI. I received a number of comments that it was one of the best TLI’s in recent years – and your session was singled out as one reason why. ~ Lloyd Alexander, District D Governor

“So many things/ideas to draw from and to use.  Outstanding, valuable session for Table Topics and for life.”

“This was the best workshop I have ever attended!  He should present this at the District level.”

“The presenter was excellent!  Lots of good examples.”

“Jon demonstrates the key points to improve Table Topics.”

“He is very skilled and helpful in the subject taught.”

“(Jon showed a) sense of humor & compassion towards a sensitive topic.”

“Great presentation!”

“It’s such a valuable topic and I carry away so much away and am excited to practice them in the Toastmaster meetings.”

“I will do much better now in Table Topics.”

“The presenter was fantastic.  I liked the numerous ideas and suggestions.  I especially enjoyed the different examples.”

“It was all valuable – an excellent training session – audience participation and the vivacity of the presenter.  Can Jon come and present at Division C sometime?”

“Jon has an approachable, engaging style.  Great!”

Park City Storytelling Concert

– tall tale

Tales from the Wastach Back tales from the wasatch back

– radio series writer
– 2011 Excellence in Utah Broadcasting Gold award winner

2008 Tall Tales contest winner

Toastmasters – club, area, and division level

Park City Toastmasters Club

– training: spontaneous speaking skills, mentoring, coaching, preparing introductions, rehearsing, etc.

2009 Evaluation contest winner

Toastmasters – club, area, division, and district

Preaching & teaching & facilitating

two to five times a week for 15 years as a pastor.

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