Training Package

1 hour

Possessing skills and competency is not enough. Without the ability to effectively communicate ideas, solutions, and information, what we have to offer can be overlooked or easily misunderstood. Communication is foundation of relationships, business, and our humanity. This training session will cover:

  1. Creating introductions that make a transition, set the mood, and establish credibility
  2. Crafting an opening, body, and coclusion that will capture attention, make sense, and have a clear message and call for action
  3. Rehearsal as the fuel in your presentation vehicle
  4. Setting an environment of collaboration that facilitates discussion and keeps the meeting moving forward
  5. Q & A


Practice does not make perfect; frequency often creates bad ruts. With input from others (360 feedback) we can improve our communication skills that help us share our ideas so that we are understood and others can consider what we have to offer. The morning sessions will include:

  1. A written and verbal evaluation of presenters using the ‘sandwich’ (what you did right, what you could improve on, and what you did right)
  2. Timing of each presenter (timer provided along with green, yellow, and red cards signifying when to conclude their presentation with in time limits).
  3. An ‘AH Master’ report. This role will note the use of jargon or filler words (ah, um, so, and, and, etc.) that detract from presentations.
  4. Timing and Ah reports will be given verbally at the end of the morning.

ONE-PAGER A single page summary will be provided to the team members covering presentation elements, evaluation ideas, and things to consider.

Feeding the Analytical Beast Within You


An evaluation workshop that focuses on developing a rigorous mindset, making keen observations, and using an invigorating delivery.

Spontaneous Speaking Skills Workshop

1 – 1.5 hours

Purpose: give people tools and opportunities to try them so as to improve their spontaneous speaking skills


  1. Become aware of several techniques in speaking spontaneously
  2. Have an opportunity to practice and observe speaking spontaneously
  3. Go away with ideas
  4. Have fun learning
  5. Relate the experience and ideas to the work place and social settings

Poster Sessions:

Many conventions are now offering ‘poster sessions’ – think of a science fair and you are not far off. Presenters give short presentations in a large room while people move from one session to another.

  1. ‘Get Excited About Speech Competitions’ – reasons why Toastmaster speech competitions are very beneficial.
  2. ‘Put the Pitch into your Pitch’ – how to utilize the hardest form of voice inflection, pitch, to insure we never bore our audience.


Do Less, Be More – in a soceity where many live by the creed ‘gotta do more, gotta be more!’ this is a call to slow down, be more focused, and do less.

Everyone Needs Help – everyone gets comfortable, has blind spots, and need encouragement. This is a call to have seasonal and lifelong mentors in your life and to be one to others.

Overcoming Inertia – to struggle is to grow (keynote).

Share the mango – a call to action to help those in poverty today.

Do You Believe? – a sales training addressing need, confidence, solution, objections, and the close.


Jon has been a storyteller for several years. He has participated in storytelling concerts, contests, and has performed in public school classrooms. Learn more here…

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