Consider the following:

storytellerTall Tales

Jon has competed a several tall tale contests. He has shared his tales on radio, in classrooms, and in concerts. A couple of his stories include:

1. Sven and Oly go to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

2. Sven moves from Minnesota to Tollgate Canyon in Utah.

Interpretive Reading

Jon has been invited to read to classrooms to help expose them to great literature. Some of the stories Jon has read are:

1. exerpts from A Christmas Carol
2. poems by Jack London
3. Dr. Sueus books
4. ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’ – Patrick Henry

Stories about my Father

Jon gets a lot of material from his father’s life. Some of the stories include:

1. The Bucket (a mostly true story of his father’s explosive liquid disposal).
2. You Get What You Aim For
3. Put things back where you got them!

Other stories

1. Sour grapes make grape jelly (how one bad day turned into a pretty good one)
2. The Story of John Henry the Steel Driving Man (Had to learn this one)
3. I’d rather have goo on my shoe (entertaining anecdotes from being a pastor)
4. “You were my dog.” (joke)
5. Why I am not a Practical Joker

Bedtime stories

Jon’s kids have asked him for stories every night. As a result he has crafted numurous bedtime stories, more than he can remember. One of his favorite series is Signficant Places of My Childhood, which includes stories about an abandoned house, a gravel alley, and a storm sewer.

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